Pair of Widex Unique 330
  • WU330-Fusion312-Left - Unique 330

WU330-Fusion312-Left - Unique 330

Price: $ 5199.00 $ 1449.00

Pair – Widex Unique 330

The Widex Unique 330 is a mid-class hearing aid capturing quiet sounds. It works on the U-Platform. The Unique 330 covers mild to profound hearing impairment.  The hearing aids incorporate the ability to adjust to the listening situations, providing excellent hearing performance throughout the day.

The sound amplifier features ten processing channels and four listening programs.  Thanks to the Sound Class Technology that amplifies the sound, you’ll get every whisper. With the Unique 330, you’ll feel extremely comfort in all but severe listening environments.

Another unique feature of this hearing aid is Digital Pinna which provides better sound quality mimicking the process of natural sound perception. And with Reverse Focus, you won’t miss any sound coming from your back.

Worth mentioning, the Widex Unique 330 can be programmed to increase the volume of the sound gradually for you to get accustomed to wearing sound amplifiers. And Sound Diary will keep track of all your volume changes.

For those suffering from tinnitus, the Unique 330 offers the Zen feature that helps manage tinnitus signs. With the Zen +, you can choose a relieving and soothing tone that fits you best.


Main features:

  • Noise Reduction – suppresses the background noises;
  • Sound Class Technology – automatically adapts in five listening environments;
  • InterEar – IE – makes the hearing aids work as a single system;
  • Speech Enhancer – keeps you focused on the dominant speech signals;
  • Phone+ – allows synchronization with a cell phone;
  • Digital Pinna – provides more natural hearing experience;
  • TruSound Softener Plus – helps reduce sudden loud noises;
  • Personal Acclimatization – allows a gradual increase in a sound level;
  • IE Feedback Cancelling – helps eliminate annoying whistling sounds;
  • Sound Diary – remembers all your changes in the sound level;
  • Zen+ – manages the tinnitus.

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